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Our 2019 Wayne County Fair Booth

Sunday group 2.jpg
Rich Monahan, Blake Stone, Juanita Greene, Oliver Warren, Linda Houston, Nell Reardon, "Goose" Steingass and Don Clement - all ready to meet the voters. Well, maybe not "Goose" and Don.
Lyn and prize.jpg
Lyn Shoots, chair of the Fairbooth Committee, with one of the prizes we gave daily. She worked every day.
Dave Sears, shown with Mark Cavin, worked all day, every day. Thanks!
Joni Hagan demonstrating the new voting machine.
"Goose" helping a voter check his registration while Rich Corfman demonstrates the voting machine.
Monahan and Bostancic.jpg
Rich Monahan and Wooster councilman-at-large, Bill Bostancic.
Dave Sears explained registration.
Sunday group.jpg
Longtime city councilman Jon Ulbright endorses Nell for Mayor.
Bill Bailey sold buttons and distributed literature.
Candidates Oliver Warren and Mark Cavin came to meet and greet.
Welcome group.jpg
"Goose" worked almost every day checking registration information.
Dave, "Goose", Sue Steingass, Betty Schuler, Donna Anderson and Oliver were serious about booth work.
Ed and Carol.jpg
Ed and Carol Eberhart visited the booth.
Doug Gray watches as Lupe Williams discusses the upcoming election.
"Goose" removed the banner and projector as Chuck Leming held the ladder. Blake Stone, Lyn Shoots, Nell Reardon, Doug Gray and Bill Bailey (who took the photos) also helped to "tear down" the booth and move contents to HQ on Friday morning. 
Doug and Chuck close booth.jpg
Doug and Chuck ended the work by putting plastic over the carpet until next year.
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