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The Broehls, Birds and Baileys hosted a reception/fundraiser for Steve Dettelbach, our candidate for Attorney General of Ohio, at the Broehl home on Saturday, September 22.
Dettelbach and hosts.jpg
Jim Bird, Steve Dettelbach, David Broehl, and Bill Bailey in back, Margo Broehl and Vicki Bailey in front. Inez Bird was unable to attend.
Tall and Short.jpg
Chair Dettelbach and VanHo.jpg
Steve, Bill, and Adam VanHo, candidate for State Senate= three lawyers in a line.
Steve and Margo, also an attorney, discussing the issues.
Optional captions: (1) The long and the short of the law, or (2) This is an optical illusion - they are the same height.
Dettelbach speaking.jpg
Some of us were lucky to have seats in Margo's lovely garden while Steve spoke.
Dettelbach and other side.jpg
Dettelbach and VanHo talking.jpg
After both Steve and Adam spoke to the crowd, they engaged in questions and answers until Steve had to leave for another event in Columbus.
Adam remained as long as there were questions to ask as his schedule was a little less scheduled that day.
We are pleased to see the interest our candidates - from Congress to Commissioner - express for Wayne County.
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