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On September 22 we held an open house for our elections headquarters.
Adam VanHo and Rodney Mackey, our candidates for State Senate and County Commissioner spoke after Jamie Shoots sang the National Anthem. Bill Bailey and Lee Columber, our field rep from the Ohio Democratic Party, hosted. Lyn Shoots did most of the work to be prepared and furnished the refreshments.
Jamie sings.jpg
JamieLupeLyn Adam.jpg
Donna and David Anderson.jpg
Mackey speaks.jpg
Lupe Williams, Lyn Shoots and Adam VanHo congratulated Jamie after she sang.
Mackey speaks with supporters.
The Andersons got their signs.
Opening crowd.jpg
Fyn at Open House.jpg
We don't know what was said when Lee was giving local college students instructions for door-to-door canvassing after the open house, but something was found to be funny.
Lee and Alec.jpg
Lee and his intern from The College of Wooster.
Our canvassers Saturday were as young as college age and the oldest was more than 90 years of age!
Our supporters know that CHANGE is needed and are willing to work towards that goal.
Grand opening group photo.jpg
We started with a photo op for The Wooster Weekly (photo by Rhonda Edgerton)
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