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Surveying the old look and preparing to repaint. The booth had been the same for 11 years.
Cleaning the dust from the top of the storage area.
booth cleaning.jpg
Burt Bishop Diana Colavecchio fair 2018.
Volunteers Sat am fair 2018.jpg
We renovated the booth for 2018 with a color change to match the "Blue Wave" theme. We had a "ribbon cutting" which made the paper.
Volunteers were in place when the doors opened at 10 AM Saturday despite the rain.
Diana Colavecchio, our candidate for judge, 9th District Court of Appeals, came that day to meet the voters.
VanHo family.jpg
State Senate candidate Adam VanHo and family enjoyed the fair.
painting three.jpg
painting booth two.jpg
painting booth.jpg
Palmer at booth.jpg
The 2018 fair will long be remembered as the year the animals had to be relocated because of the threat of flash flooding. It rained steadily Saturday and Sunday. The tractor pull was canceled as was the Sunday night entertainment and most events that day.  But Susan Moran Palmer still came to meet Wayne County voters.
Ribbon cutting.jpg
Linda Lee Lyn.jpg
Linda, a veteran volunteer, Lee, our ODP organizer, and Lyn, chair of the fair booth committee, registered voters, provided voting information and distributed campaign literature.
Don took a photo of "Goose" with a real camera, not a smart phone.
Central Committee members and volunteers, as well as several students from the College of Wooster Democrats,  staffed the booth.
Tuesday volunteers.jpg
4 good men.jpg
Lyn and Lupe.jpg
Federated Women members.jpg
Kevin Barnet and Rodney Mackey, candidates, with Jon Ulbright and Bill Bostancic, former and present members of Wooster City Council.
Lyn and Lupe
Veterans party workers came to check out the renovated booth.
Rodney campaigns.jpg
Mackey speaks with a voter while his picture appeared in our slideshow.
Wednesday booth.jpg
Heading 6
One shift of volunteers ready to help voters.​
The Sheriff answered questions about the proposed jail expansion from our local candidates.
booth was busy.jpg
Every shift had numerous visitors seeking information and voicing support for change.
volunteer ready.jpg
2 veteran Dems.jpg
Some booth volunteers were longtime veterans, while others had little experience -  but all enjoyed talking with our visitors.
Thanks, Lyn and the Fair Booth Committee, and all the volunteers,  for your hard work, and the successful outreach to voters at the 2018 Wayne County Fair!
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