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Mark Gooch
Ohio House, District 77

I like to tell people “I came to Wooster as a student and haven’t found my way out of town.” I met my wife, Cheryl, when we were students at The College of Wooster over 30 years ago.  We decided Wooster and Wayne County were good places to raise our two sons, Peter and Jacob. 

I graduated from Loudonville High School, earned a degree in history at The College of Wooster, then worked full-time while earning a graduate degree in library science.  I have since worked in several libraries and have been a librarian at The College of Wooster for over 20 years.  

I learned from my parents--my father who was a Presbyterian minister and my mother who worked outside the home--when you are a part of a community, you have a responsibility to take an active role in supporting and improving your community.  As a result, I have been involved with many organizations and activities in Wooster.

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